What should be included in the subject card?

The subject card should consist of a description of the subject, which includes, in particular: the assumptions and objectives of the subject, learning outcomes, ECTS points, prerequisites, forms of classes, methods and ways of verifying learning outcomes, program content, a list of basic and additional literature, detailed rules for passing the subject, the name of the academic teacher responsible for the subject, and other instructors involved in the subject.

Where can I report the absence of a subject card on moja.pg or ects.pg.edu.pl?

You can report the absence of a subject card to the Faculty Student Council, Commissioner for the Students’ Rights and Students Union’s Deputy for Didactics and Quality of Educational Affairs.

Is there a minimum percentage of students that must pass an exam for it to be valid?

No. In case irregularities are identified during the exam or in the course of conducting the subject, a request for a commission exam can be submitted through the Commissioner for the Students’ Rights.

As a student of Engineering Management (1st degree), can I apply for part-time studies in the field of Computer Science for the second degree?

Yes, after completing your first degree studies, you can participate in the recruitment process for second degree studies. The relatedness value of the field of study will be taken into consideration during the admission process.
Appendix 4 of the Annex to the Resolution of the Senate of Gdańsk University of Technology No. 236/2022/XXV of 15 June 2022

How does it work with exemptions from exercises/labs/lectures? If I have a medical exemption and send it to the teacher, do I have to make up for those missed classes later?

Exercises and lectures do not need to be made up for if you have an exemption. However, laboratory classes should be compensated for. You can arrange with the teacher to join another group that covers the same topic or agree on a makeup session during the session/exam retake period.

When do you officially become a student?

You officially become a student upon making the oath on moja.pg.

Who should I submit a request for discontinuation of studies to, and how?

To request the discontinuation of studies, you should submit a personal application at the dean's office or send it by mail to the department's address. Address the letter to the Dean of the faculty. There is no specific template for such an application.

When do you pay for repeating a subject?

Payments should be made according to the sales invoices visible in the moja.pg system. For full-time studies, the payment deadlines cannot exceed:

  • October 15th for the winter semester,
  • March 31st for the summer semester.

This means that you need to make the payment before the start of the semester in which you will be repeating the subject.

Who determines the criteria for passing a subject?

The criteria for passing a subject are determined by the instructor responsible for the subject. These criteria can be found in the subject syllabus, which is available in the ECTS catalog on the PG website. They should be presented during the first classes. Additionally, these criteria cannot be changed during the semester. You can find more information on the ECTS website: https://ects.pg.edu.pl/en/faculties

If I have a language certificate, can I not attend language classes?

Having a language certificate does not exempt you from the obligation to attend language classes. It also does not automatically count as passing the foreign language requirement.

If I'm studying at Gdansk Tech and want to start another study program, do I need to go through the recruitment process?

Yes, you need to participate in the recruitment process for the new program. You don't need to create a new account in moja.pg. Simply go to the "Recruitment" section.

Where can I check the criteria for passing a subject?

All information regarding the criteria for passing a subject can be found in the Subject Card, which is available on moja.pg under the "Subjects" tab, as well as on https://ects.pg.edu.pl/en/.

How and when to sign up for sports class?

Enrollment for sport classes begins at the beginning of semesters with sports class. It takes place on the first day of classes at the location of the Academic Sports Center at Gdansk Tech.

What is the difference between dean’s hours and rector’s hours and what do they mean?

Dean's hours and rector's hours are designated free hours from classes established by the dean of a specific faculty or the rector of the university, respectively. Dean’s hours apply only to the faculty for which the dean has established them, while rector’s hours apply to all students. During dean’s hours students are still expected to attend laboratory classes, while rector’s hours exempt students from all classes.

Should applications be handwritten or written on a computer? Is there a template for each application?

It is better to type applications on a computer and then sign the printed copy. Some applications have pre-defined templates available on moja.pg under the "Documents" tab in the "Prints" section. For other applications, you may need to create them yourself.

Are lectures mandatory?

Yes, all classes are mandatory, but attendance for lectures, unlike other forms of classes, may or may not be checked by the instructor.

Can I change from full-time to part-time studies during my studies?

Yes, you can change your mode of study (full-time to part-time) during your studies. To do so, you need to submit an application to the dean's office no later than one month before the start of the semester. The application should be addressed to the Dean of the faculty.

Can students in part-time studies also apply for scholarships?

Yes, part-time students can also apply for scholarships.

In what situations, when transferring from another university to Gdansk Tech, can I transfer grades from previous courses?

With the approval of the dean, grades can be transferred when they correspond to the same learning outcomes as described in the subject card.

Who makes decisions regarding dean's leave?

Dean's leave is granted by the dean upon the student's request, submitted through the moja.pg system.

How long does the dean's leave last?

The dean's leave can last for a semester or a year. In justified cases, the rector may grant leave for a period longer than one year (long-term leave).

Do I have the right to review my exam?

Yes, according to the Study Regulations, students have the right to review their exam within 14 days from the announcement of the results.

What are the possible disciplinary penalties that an academic teacher can receive as a result of a decision by the Disciplinary Committee for Academic Teachers?

Disciplinary penalties that an academic teacher can receive are:

  • Reprimand
  • Censure
  • Censure with a reduction of basic salary by 10%-25% for a period ranging from one month to two years
  • Deprivation of the right to perform tasks as a supervisor, reviewer or member of committees in proceedings for granting a doctoral degree, habilitation degree, or professor title for a period ranging from one year to five years
  • Deprivation of the right to hold managerial positions at universities for a period ranging from six months to five years
  • Dismissal from employment at the university
  • Dismissal from employment at the university with a prohibition on working at universities for a period ranging from six months to five years
  • Deprivation of the right to practice as an Academic Teacher for a period of 10 years.